The Digby family sold their manor house to John Hall in 1786, which passed to Francis Hall, who retained the family’s estate in Nottinghamshire as well as the hereditary title of Sheriff. When Francis died without issue, the estate and title passed to the Canadian branch of the family. Geoffrey Hall, brother of Francis had emigrated to Canada in 1830. It is presumed that at this point, the bulk of the documents now in the Fisher Library at the University of Toronto, made their way across the Atlantic passing from surviving sibling to sibling, until they became the possession of Letitia Hall Lepan (1843-1932), who left them to her son Geoffrey Brock Hall Lepan (1879-1953). When his wife, Ella Blanche Park Lepan died, her executor Douglas Park Cross took possession of the documents, and they remained in his home until shortly after his death in 2002, after which they were donated to the University.